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Business, Finance and People

Need to change or validate your strategy? Quantify new revenue opportunities? Strengthen profitability? Improve working capital? Make a step change in your Finance or Operations? We can help!

What do we do?

With the financial performance of your business in focus, we transform your strategy, operations, revenue and cash generation with analysis, modelling, planning, project management and people development.


The businesses we serve range from online start-ups through traditional businesses in restructuring all the way to NGO’s.

Our Team

We have a network of resources across a variety of sectors to bring both strategic expertise and your industry best practice. All our consultants have hands-on industry experience.

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Our Services

We provide a full range of financial, strategic and operational management services:

Strategic Management

  • Corporate strategy development
  • Business modelling and scenario analysis
  • Long-term planning
  • Business opportunity analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Post-merger integration management

Project Management

  • Performance and process analysis and redesign
  • Process and system transformation in Finance and Operations
  • ERP analysis, vendor selection, implementation and reengineering
  • SSC process design and implementation
  • Pre- and post-implementation support to transformational projects
  • Greenfield Finance and Operations build-up

Performance Improvement

  • Cross-functional and function-specific process and performance analysis
  • Creation of improvement plans
  • Implementation and monitoring of process and performance improvements
  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation
  • Staff selection and development
  • Finance and non-finance trainings and hands-on guidance

Financial Management as a Service

  • Interim Finance and Operations management
  • Organisational development in Finance and Operations
  • Cross-functional alignment of organisations and objectives
  • Scale-up and start-up support
  • Internationalisation and virtualisation
  • FP&A outsourcing

Our Experience

Here are some examples of the services we deliver:

Strategic Business Modelling

  • Industry: Internet access technology
  • Business: Global business in a scale-up phase
  • Task: Create a flexible financial model for the business to evaluate possible future scenarios for investment and return
  • Approach: Combination of iterative workshops and independent modelling work, followed by interactive scenario analysis with the customer

Finance Function Restructuring

  • Industry: Media
  • Business: Subsidiary of a multimedia group undergoing a restructuring
  • Task: Step-change in the performance of the Finance function
  • Approach: Issue analysis, project plan and project execution over 18 months resulting in clean audit, automation and SSC in accounting, build-up of FP&A and strong cash collection thanks to new A/R management processes

Working Capital Improvement

  • Industry: Electronics wholesale
  • Business: Local subsidiaries of a global distributor
  • Task: Improve cash inflow
  • Approach: Analyse inventory and receivable processes and suggest changes on individual task level in order to incorporate inventory and receivable management into daily routines enabled by new monitoring tools

Greenfield Setup

  • Industry: Technology infrastructure
  • Business: Greenfield project within a global group
  • Task: Set up a new Finance function for the greenfield project while the project execution has already started
  • Approach: Define required processes, prioritise their implementation and bridge by temporary staffing while managing permanent search and subsequent induction/training. Provide additional support to ensure a smooth transition


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